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End of the first ever 'What Can I Do? Australia's' 10-Week Climate Action Challenge

Our first ever 'What Can I Do?' 10-Week Climate Action Challenge began on Saturday the 5th of June and will finish this Saturday the 14th of August, 2021. Over 10 weeks of Winter we explored 10 different ways that Everyday Aussies can contribute positively to the climate crisis.

It has been wonderful to see a number of people participating in the challenge, contributing in the group discussion and being inspired to take real positive action.

As this was our first attempt, we will be asking for feedback via a survey so that we can improve the challenge for the next round. We hope to grow it even further and would love to make it even better for our next round.

We have designed the challenge so that it is something that you can revisit, choosing a different target for each of the weeks i.e. focusing on reducing food waste next time instead of reducing meat consumption. If you check out the 'Join the Challenge' section on our website you can do the challenge at your own pace.

Also, stay tuned as we have an entirely different 10-Week Climate Action challenge up our sleeve that introduces an entirely different set of 10 steps that you can take to further support a #safefuture. However, this will not be launched for a little while.

Thank you sooooo much to everyone who participated in and contributed to the challenge through your likes, comments, posts and shares! Remember to spread the word and inspire your friends and family to #bepartofthesolution.

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