Hey, I'm Felicity. 
I have always had a love of nature, science and helping people. As the evidence of the climate crisis piled up I wanted to do something.

As a professional psychologist, I understand that it is overwhelming, confusing and just plain upsetting to think about the climate crisis. It also affects people's mental health. As a result, many of us try to switch off and this works for a bit, but if we do it all the time  it actually makes us feel worse as it's not something we can really ignore - at least not forever. Plus sticking our heads in the sand also doesn't help the situation and leaves us feeling disempowered and even more worried in the long run.

That is why I created 'What Can I Do?'. Using psychological principles, 'What Can I Do?" aims to give everyday Aussies practical actions they can take to not only help the situation but help our mental health and resilience.

Let's do this!