What Can I Do? At a Glance

Created in 2021, What Can I Do is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping support everyday people in making real change to reduce the effects of climate change.​ We're a community of like-minded people that have come together to help give communities real solutions to climate change.

We believe that each person has a role to play in solving the climate crisis, but
we also understand that that can be confusing or overwhelming given the size of the issue.

​What Can I Do? tries to help this by simplifying the information out there, breaking it into easily achievable steps and adding a dash of fun with the 'Challenge' and community aspect!

​What Can I Do? draws upon knowledge and research into human behaviour and motivation
and combines it with research into effective solutions that everyday people can do for the climate crisis.

At What Can I Do? We want to make being part of the solution accessible for every Aussie.

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