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What Can I Do?

Climate Solutions for Everyday Aussies

Climate Solutions for Everyday Aussies

Be part of the solution.

Sometimes the concept of climate change feels overwhelming.

It is a very normal reaction to want to 'switch off' and try to ignore it.

However, no matter how hard we try it just doesn't seem to go away.

There is another way though.

The good news is that you don't have to take on the weight of the world to be part of the solution.

If you're an Everyday Aussie like us, your power is in taking small steps overtime that together has the power to move mountains,

Drawing on knowledge of psychology and the science of climate action, the 'What Can I Do?' 10-Week Climate Action challenge

takes you step-by-step through 10 tried and proven actions 

that everyday Aussies can do right now to

help solve the climate crisis.

This isn't just about saving the planet, taking action is one of the best ways to boost your mental well-being in the face of

the climate crisis.

After the challenge you will be left with knowledge, skills and inspiration to continue the journey long into the future.

Sign up now to do the challenge.

You can do it as part of our group challenge

or you can do it at your own pace, on your own or with friends or family.

Find more information under 'Join the Challenge'.

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